Frank Brenner

Frank Brenner alias "Bädboy" has been active in the graffiti community since 1989 and has been part of well known crews in Düsseldorf like "FÖNS" and "JPEG".

His artwork combines typographic as well as graphic elements to set critical statements about society, which also clearly reflect his experience with graffiti. His pictures often incorporate familiar figures and quotes from cartoons, movies or the musicscene as they are being put into a new current context.

On the street you can often find him together with R.F.Art and his joint collages, which make the Düsseldorf cityscape more colorful.

All items by Frank Brenner

Hey Andy

EUR 480.00

Don't Panic!

EUR 200.00

Have A Nice Day

EUR 200.00

Fame is a killer

EUR 260.00