Past Shows


Meet streetartist @hoker_one and admire his minimalist and mysterious portraits at our next vernissage.

Come celebrate @hoker_one's solo show and our 1st birthday at midnight!


Join us for a great opening evening with french artist @jisbar and his mixture between classic, street and pop art!

Planet Selfie

Whether Teengirl or the Pope - everybody loves selfies. The constant self-presentation on social media makes us look like narcissistic egomaniacs. Or is it part of a clever, million dollar media campaign? Where is the small line between embarassing digital exhibitio­nism or brilliant strategy?

Nobody wants to reveal who they are, but rather who they want to be. Find out who YOU want to be, with me. Supermario, Supersonic, Heidi or Alf. Be a part of popculture. Be a part of the show!


Olivia Acar

Olivia Acar is a psychologist and painter. Her artwork is based purely on impulse and spontaneity, free of conceptualization. From a wide range of colors, forms & shapes emerges layer for layer the painting in its whole.

Acar’s way into art is similar as her artwork itself: More a product of lucky coincidences & rather a result of passion than planning.

Painting as the artist‘s method of choice makes it possible to slowly process every piece by constantly adding and reducing with every brushstroke. Behind the colors and shapes are hiding moods, their swings and emotional ambiguities of the artist herself, which reflects unconciously on canvas.

Käpten Nobbi

Get ready! Our next show will be with the amazing @kaepten_nobbi, so mark your calendars for our upcoming opening on January 28 at 6pm.

You really don’t wanna miss out on that one! We'll have a huge variety of his work on display, including paintings, prints, sculptures, and other cute stuff. We can't wait! Come by, say hi! The artist will be present.

El Bocho

We all invite you to our vernissage on December 3rd at 6pm, showing many amazing pieces by @elbochoberlin. There won't just be his iconic portraits, but various artworks which you have never seen before!

In memory of its founder Georg Friedrichs, Galerie-F publishes an annual limited edition of artists appreciated by him. This special edition print will be published on December 5th to celebrate our founder's birthday.

All proceeds will be donated to the german cancer research.

The Hangover Vol 1

We couldn't be more proud to finally announce our 2nd show at #hangover_gallery!

This next show will feature some artworks of the creme de la creme of Street und Urban Art, such as @banksy, @benallenart, @einesigns, @elbochoberlin, @frank_brenner75,, @kaepten_nobbi, @planet_selfie,, @freddy.malt.halt, @shubyart, @fuxundschalter and many more!

We are looking forward to you!

For more information, please contact us!

R.F.Art + Frank Brenner

We are so proud to finally announce our very first show at #hangover_gallery with the Düsseldorf based street art icons and @frank_brenner75!

The show will also mark the opening of our new gallery space at Stresemannstraße 41 in Düsseldorf. In the coming days and weeks, we will give you some additional information on special offers at the show, so stay tuned and stop by!